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Wicked Dreams

Chapter III - Released

In this chapter, you will discover the real power of sex. 

Tracy is being possessed by new magic power. She will need to discover what she can do with it.

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A lesbian action, and the female protagonist is sexy as hell ? count me in

Pros :
The story is a little blurry so far, which is not a bad thing, it only causes me wanting to know more.
The protagonist is sexy as hell :love: has a ponytail and a tattoo ? what more can you ask ?
The steamy scenes are animated!
The visual is amazing for an almost 600 MB VN (Ch. 2.0 pt 1)
Had a great time playing this VN and I have no complain so far.

Riddle in this VN will keep your brain sharp



TL;DR = game is in early development. Low amount of content. Check out later.

+ Main heroine is hot.
+ Some sex scenes are hot.
+ I think the game has some potential.
+ Typical VN with choices. It looks like choices will matter in future.

– There are only 4 sex scenes.
– Grammar has some occasional mistakes. (Engrish)

I am undecided about story. Its hard to judge story, because game is really short and there is barely any time for plot.
Quick summary of plot: Heroine goes through some relationship drama. Some girl is plotting against her. And some weird dream magic started to show up.

To sum it up:
At this point I dont think game is worth playing. I am choosing “wait and see” aproach.


The story overall is decent . The renders are very solid for all characters introduced and main menu design looks incredibly professional. I also appreciate the lesbian content that I don’t see as much

All that said, can’t quite rate it a 5 star yet. Content is still very limited and still needs to show me decent plot development. The animation in the bathroom was rudimentary to say the least but I imagine that’s something that can improved upon with future updates. English also does not seem to be the dev’s first language so it sometimes interferes with the flow.

I await to see what comes next. I’m intrigued by the theme and the premise and look forward to upcoming updates

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