About us

So...About us!

Together with my team we want to create adult games based on my books.
We want to create a safe space where you can relax and play beautiful erotic games.

Our first project is caled WICKED DREAMS, It will be divided into several parts.

First chapter – “The Nightmare” is ready for download.
In this part you will find out how Tracy manages to gain magical powers and what quests she has to go through for this.

Our next step going to be to make the next chapters, so you guys will be able to play them. In the future we want to create this game in multiplayer, so you guy can play with each other. But for that we need your help right now. Any subscription is really appreciated and hopefully will get us back to keep develop the game. Thank you very much for being here so long, and hopefully we can make this dream come true together!

You can support us here on our website, or you can visit our Patreon page.




Howdy. I’m Ryciu. I am the creator of the story Wicked Dreams and the programmer of this project.


3D artist

Hi, im MadMen , the graphic artist , i like videos games porn and dubstep.